Superior quality.

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Obtaining a high-quality raw material, such as high CBD biomass, is simply the first step in the process of building an exceptional product. We source all of our high CBD Hemp Biomass and Crude from Badlands Provisions in the Imperial Valley, California.


Hemp Processing and Extracting

Cryo Ethanol Extraction

Operating at cryo temperatures, the cryo ethanol extraction works by spraying hemp with 200-proof ethanol at freezing temperatures. After several re-circulations over the material, negative pressure transfers the resulting solution to a collection chamber where additional impurities are removed by micron filtration.

This super-cold, low-pressure means of extraction allows us to skip time-consuming processes like de-waxing and winterization and makes it possible to process up to a great amount of plant material in just eight hours. It’s not just fast, though—the closed loop of ethanol extraction makes it a safe bet as well.


White/Private Label Products

  • Bulk and White Label Full Spectrum and THC Free Distillate and Oil

  • Bulk and White Label Full Spectrum and THC Free Vape Cartridges

  • Bulk and White Label CBD Isolate

  • Bulk White Label CBD Pet Products

  • Bulk White Label CBD Pain and Anti-Aging Cream

  • Private Label Bottling and Printing Services

  • Branding Consulting

  • Custom Formulas

*White label means no label. Private label means with label.